Dynamic Process System

Dynamic Process System is a multipurpose dynamic simulator that allows the user to carry out process, control and safety analysis for the whole plant in realistic dynamic behavior. It is an excellent tool to enhance understanding of your process, identify bottlenecks and optimize your process facility while creating a safe and informative environment for expanding knowledge in an effective way.

It consists of a large library of typical and unique process equipment and control logic features used to build a flow sheet replica of you process facility. The thermodynamics and models built in system are extremely robust and accurate over a wide-range of operating conditions and are able to run both in real time and faster than real time to facilitate quick dynamic studies.

Design Verification

Increase the understanding of process interactions and dynamics, and develop and verify process design.

HAZOP cases

Compressor protection studies

Identification of bottlenecks

Process equipment requirements

Investigate integrity of safety systems

Control Philosophy Verification

Development and verification of basic control and advanced process control strategies.

Load balancing

Sensitivity to process disturbances

Compressor studies

Startup and shutdown sequences

Anti-surge control

Safety Analysis

Test how the process will behave during a process shutdown.

HAZOP cases

Verify that the shutdown logic protects the process

Test the ability to reset all active shutdowns and start up the process after complete process shutdown

Detail test of all causes and effects