About EGG

Mission & Value

Customer focus


We engineer the growth markets of the futures.

1. We place our customers at the center of all our actions.
2. We unceasingly strive for targeted innovation in the field of simulation technologies.
3. We are firmly committed to improving the quality of our products and processes on an ongoing basis
4. We follow stringent processes with a clear focus on outstanding outcomes and a high level of profitability.
5. We regularly reflect on our actions and make decisions
6. We encourage and demand further development and responsible actions.
7. We are always one step ahead of the competition.

Innovation and change


Our Innovation and excellence are your success.

We dedicate ourselves to pinpointing and overcoming the challenges of the future with our innovative simulation system. We act sustainably to deliver outstanding outcomes for our company, our customers, and our partners. The key to our success is a respectful corporate culture in which we can develop our skills and expertise in an optimum way. We think and act as one global team.


Innovation, Excellence and Proximity serve as the compass for our actions. They shape a strong corporate culture that makes our vision a reality.

Quality and technical perfection

Innovation is our future

Through continuous technological advancement, we overcome the challenges of tomorrow : with a pioneering, specialized approach and a focus on development.

We believe

Pioneering ideas and innovative solutions are crucial to achieving market leadership

We value

Creativity and cooperation in all innovation processes – with and for our customers.

We act

In a visionary way so that we always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Excellence stands for our aspiration to provide the highest level of precision and quality

Our applications and solutions are at the cutting edge of technology. We work sustainably and create outstanding value.

We believe

Our excellence is an essential prerequisite for sustainable success.

We value

Top performance and quality, application know-how, and expert knowledge.

We act

Purposefully with the aim of going the extra mile to improve our products and processes.

Proximity is the key to our success.

We are a trusted partner for our employees, our customers, and all other partners. Personal contact is a high priority for us.

We believe

Proximity encourages

We value

Open, respectful, and honest interaction with one another.

We act

We put our words into action reliably, fairly, honestly, and dependably.