Leadership & Culture

CEO Education Background and Expertise

2012 HHI Wind Power Development Department in Green Energy Division
2011 HHI(China) Supply Chain Management for HHI China
2010 HHI Wind Power Design Department in Green Energy Division
1997 HHI Structure and Vibration Research Department in R&D Center

EGG Culture

We think our culture makes our vision a reality. We recognize that cultivating an influential culture is an ongoing effort, fostered day after day, and it comes from what we do every day. EGG always endeavors to develop and produce high quality and technically perfect products. Especially to provide customer-tailored products and solutions, we create new products in close cooperation with our customers. These efforts satisfy our customers and enable us to change EGG and get EGG to improve.
We call this an Innovation, and we convince ongoing innovation is the critical way to EGG's success.

We believe this success is based on our employees' commitment. Therefore, we focus on our staffs' nurturing. To highly motivate our staff, we are committed to providing an environment for all employees to enjoy the opportunity and offering management support to achieve their highest potential and receive rewards with obtained results.
Because we only have one planet, and we live in, from, and with nature, we should do our part to protect the Earth and conserve its natural resources with more profound respect and understanding of what nature provides. Conservation comes in many forms, and we wish our dedication to innovation to contribute to the preservation of the environment. By using our superior products and solutions, we want to help keep the Earth cool.

Here are some of the qualities EGG looks for in our employees to establish our own culture;

Flexibility-Willing to adopt new processes, ways of thinking, and approaches to solving problems
Motivation-Setting high-performance standards for yourself and exceeding them
Teamwork-Respecting and trusting one another to succeed together